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I’m Jota Lamarque, a wedding photographer, but rather than weddings, I photograph feelings. I seek couples magic from here and there. I travel the world doing what I love, to tell your story, describe what happened that day with images, without affecting reality … I love doing that, I love this job.


Thanks for being here. In these hopeful days, but that are also full of busyness, rushes and fears, you have decided to give me a moment of your lives to read these words and I thank you from my heart because I can well give you a small present: I want to share with you a journey that will show you the way my eyes look at the world. To begin this journey, I would tell you my innermost thoughts about wedding photography and I will do it through a text that I could perhaps be sending you by email along with the rates, once you write to me asking for my services. However, I think it’s more “human” to share what I think herein, and I also want to be honest and transparent: I don’t want to keep anything for myself.