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As I stated before it measurements are 30x30cm (though there are other options), the size and weight are perfect so that the album can be in the living room and not hidden in a briefcase in the attic. It has a box to protect it and to match and contrasts with the rustic design with linen, simple, long lasting and stylish (for personal convictions I do not like animal leather). The album, according to my personal vision, I do not want it to be the carrier, but the product itself. Many of my clients just want the USB key with the pictures, but for those who would like to have their photos printed, in this you will have better quality. It is photographic paper, not offset, which makes the image quality splendid and it is a matte finish, with a wonderful texture.


Personally, I was tired of the mega-albums and that later are not functional, and so my clients demanded me this product. The reason my albums have more images that regular ones, is because I wish to tell the story of that day, with a clear narrative thread. This is well attained with more pictures and the correct layout. My albums have now 150 pictures that the couple chooses.

The couple chooses them as it is their album and I must respect that. Many colleagues choose on their own and they argue above all that it is their work and later they sell it. My experience is not like that. To my understanding, at the end of the day, the album is only seen by the bride and groom, the parents, a couple of friends and the neighbors. Therefore, I rather focus on my blog, which is what the whole world sees and accept the fact that the album is theirs and what they have in mind won´t have the more daring, technical or different pictures, but the more emotive and personal for them.

jota_lamarque_album2 jota_lamarque_album5

There is also the human factor. If I am in front of tree very similar pictures of the bride, for example, I cannot judge which has a more sincere gaze, maybe not even she will differentiate, but the groom would know. Maybe it is not the one I would prefer, but they do. I must respect that as well. That is why my clients choose the pictures.

The layout is pretty simple, like in all professional books of photography that we have at home. It is always in a white background, aligned with the edges, without cuts, borders, shades, fusions, overlays, backgrounds, ornaments….not even texts. The pictures speak for themselves; they do not need anything else to draw attention to them.


In my perception, looking for simplicity is the biggest impact one can expect for every photo and it is the way that they will never be outdated. That is why I have evidenced in each photography book and that is what I wish for my clients and myself.

If you would like to know the rates and their variants click here (¡remember to read the whole text!)