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The Undefeated Sun rises at dawn. This is the origin of Christmas. The winter solstice is the day when the night is longest and shortest day of the year. As this date approaches the sun is losing the battle, but this day it begins to regain what was lost.

This metaphor was celebrated in the Roman Brumales festivals, when it was decided to postpone the date of Jesus’ birth symbolizing a new dawn, a victory over darkness. We all know that Jesus was not born in December, he would have frozen in the stable and the shepherds could not have slept in the open.

But it’s a beautiful way to understand the message of Jesus. This was, by the way, incidentally altered. He did not come to suffer the penalty of anyone, but to teach us the path of love. This was part of his plans to remain consistent with his message; it did would not have been a happy ending for those who understood nothing of what he said.

The least important thing is whether Jesus was a simple lucid carpenter, an alien with an air of cosmic missionary or the very Son of God. What is important is the message, the example he showed us. That is what I keep to myself, nothing else. That’s what I celebrate every Christmas. It is the birth of this extraordinary example in my life, and being able to get to know him.

Jesus did not want to suffer; he was just a part of the destiny of loving unconditionally and to remain faithful to his message. We spoke of a Father who is present in everything, but then he was taken from us and ascended to heaven. This father told us that he was everywhere and that FAITH that led him to accept such end because he wanted to give us the example that death is no end.

I wish with all my heart that during this time, in the depths of your being, a light rises in the darkness. That gives will give you a breath of hope that grows to enlighten your life and guide your steps to an end so beautiful and hopeful as your own life.

The sun disappears into the horizon and reappears again; this is and always will be. I wish you a happy life, a happy death, a happy awakening, a happy evening and a happy dawn. I wish Merry Christmas.

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At weddings I am in the look out for emotions, felt true and current stories, no poses or good-looking people. The beauty lies elsewhere, in another dimension and That is what I am trying to reveal, to capture, to share. My goal is not to have “some” nice pictures of a wedding or to meet the cliché; I am on the look out for more.

Sometimes I lack the words and in the pictures do not even allow me to express myself. That is What Happened to me in Ruth and Ferran’s weeding. Often it happens That says a photograph That I Also gets exited in the weeding and cries, but it is true in many occasions. I think we all cried, even the priest.

And That is what Ruth and Ferran are, a very special couple and Their weeding was like that. Today I am not going to get all worked up and I will leave you With some photos. After an hour driving myself crazy and Selecting, this is what came out. I did not even know if I wanted to transform them in B & W or color. I hope you like this selection. I limit myself to share the story of Ruth and Ferran, and That of Their family. Please be happy That is an order. Hugs and kisses.

ruth_ferran_mariage_01 ruth_ferran_mariage_02photographe-marriage ruth_ferran_mariage_03 ruth_ferran_mariage_04 ruth_ferran_mariage_05 ruth_ferran_mariage_06 ruth_ferran_mariage_07 ruth_ferran_mariage_08 ruth_ferran_mariage_09 ruth_ferran_mariage_10 ruth_ferran_mariage_11 ruth_ferran_mariage_12 ruth_ferran_mariage_13photographe-mariage ruth_ferran_mariage_15 ruth_ferran_mariage_16 ruth_ferran_mariage_17 ruth_ferran_mariage_18 ruth_ferran_mariage_21 ruth_ferran_mariage_23 ruth_ferran_mariage_24 ruth_ferran_mariage_27ruth_ferran_mariage_28ruth_ferran_mariage_25ruth_ferran_mariage_26ruth_ferran_mariage_22 ruth_ferran_mariage_29 ruth_ferran_mariage_30 ruth_ferran_mariage_32ruth_ferran_mariage_33 ruth_ferran_mariage_34 ruth_ferran_mariage_35 ruth_ferran_mariage_36 ruth_ferran_mariage_37 ruth_ferran_mariage_38 ruth_ferran_mariage_39 ruth_ferran_mariage_40 ruth_ferran_mariage_41 ruth_ferran_mariage_42 ruth_ferran_mariage_43 ruth_ferran_mariage_44 ruth_ferran_mariage_45 ruth_ferran_mariage_46 ruth_ferran_mariage_47 ruth_ferran_mariage_48 ruth_ferran_mariage_49ruth_ferran_mariage_50ruth_ferran_mariage_51 ruth_ferran_mariage_52 ruth_ferran_mariage_53 ruth_ferran_mariage_54 ruth_ferran_mariage_55 ruth_ferran_mariage_56 ruth_ferran_mariage_57 ruth_ferran_mariage_58 ruth_ferran_mariage_59 ruth_ferran_mariage_60 ruth_ferran_mariage_61 ruth_ferran_mariage_62 ruth_ferran_mariage_63 ruth_ferran_mariage_64 ruth_ferran_mariage_65 ruth_ferran_mariage_66 ruth_ferran_mariage_67 ruth_ferran_mariage_68 ruth_ferran_mariage_69 ruth_ferran_mariage_70ruth_ferran_mariage_71ruth_ferran_mariage_72 ruth_ferran_mariage_73 ruth_ferran_mariage_74 ruth_ferran_mariage_75 ruth_ferran_mariage_76 ruth_ferran_mariage_77 ruth_ferran_mariage_78 ruth_ferran_mariage_79 ruth_ferran_mariage_80 ruth_ferran_mariage_81 ruth_ferran_mariage_82 ruth_ferran_mariage_83 ruth_ferran_mariage_84 ruth_ferran_mariage_85 ruth_ferran_mariage_86 ruth_ferran_mariage_87 ruth_ferran_mariage_88 ruth_ferran_mariage_89 ruth_ferran_mariage_90 ruth_ferran_mariage_91 ruth_ferran_mariage_92 ruth_ferran_mariage_93 ruth_ferran_mariage_94 ruth_ferran_mariage_95 ruth_ferran_mariage_96 ruth_ferran_mariage_97 ruth_ferran_mariage_98 ruth_ferran_mariage_99ruth_ferran_mariage_100photocall_jota_lamarque_01 ruth_ferran_mariage_101

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